Friday, June 11, 2010


In few minutes, kick-start of the one and only game that unite human all over the world will bang!!! I have a dream to be in one of the match one day, for sure not in South Africa!!! But at least im here in front of screen to see all matches that played by other countries except my beloved country MALAYSIA.... All malaysian said that we will be in world cup one day. may be its true but for me let us dream of that, as dream in a sweet dreams. Its almost unreachable and imposibble....

May i will see Malaysian team in one of the world cup group when im not have a chance to inhale any air to breath in this world anymore. So lets enjoy this great event frens.... for me i ve got to choices to be a champion!!!! no 1. Brazil (even the team almost fill up with new players they got great skills, for them football is thier life) no 2. Spain ( of course my 2nd family country).

So how about u?.....


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  1. brazil pilihan pertama bukan spain eh pilihan pertama
    brazil oh brazil
    portugal oh portugal